“Let’s draw a map together. One which represents the path you wish to take in your life. Yoga’s Sister Science, Ayurveda, is the compass we’ll use. As your Life Sherpa, with 20 years of experience in Health Coaching, Ayurveda and Yoga combined, I’ll help you chart a path which fits your lifestyle perfectly.” Christianne

“Let’s draw a map together. One which represents your uniquely optimal Well-being.   As your Life Sherpa, with 20 years of experience in Fitness Coaching, Ayurveda and Yoga combined; I’ll help you chart a path which fits your lifestyle perfectly.” Christianne

I celebrate and honor the beautiful energy that is woven through each breath inspired by BE!  Allowing BE into your life, is like cultivating the precious gems that bring peace, serenity and add a certain glow to your everyday life. While surrounded by a community of positive people, Christianne’s grace will guide you each step of the way.
~Jouliet Ghazarian

The Art of Living course
A daily practice that invites me to give thanks for the person that I am and the person that I strive to be.
Christianne’s course helps me connect my inner being to the worldly life, gently guiding my choices throughout the day!!
~Terry Cozad

One to One Yoga & Ayurveda Coaching Sessions
I have been more flexible and no more migraines!!! The Ayurveda practices along with the restorative yoga you have guided me through have led me to become more gentle with myself. As a result I can actually observe the softer approach as it’s happening. This is evident when I encounter someone who is disgruntled because I’m able to stay calm and respond in the way that serves me best while also helping them diffuse a bit of their angst. Wow!!!  And my husband sees it, too.   So that really validates what I’ve been experiencing, being more loving is becoming more natural.  This morning I went for an early hike, and I was able to get above the morning fog and clouds.  As I was observing the beauty of the fog up against the mountains I thought about strength (mountains) and softness (clouds). The softness that I’m gaining from the practice of mindfulness is making me stronger.  And my strength comes not from controlling, but by approaching situations with love and kindness.
~Jenna Morris

Be Fit 4 Living
This course allows you to take command of your thoughts, words and actions, so that you might enjoy your life to the fullest of your potential.  It invites self-discipline without self-guilt, and allows you to release anxiety about the past and the future by showing you how to enfold yourself into the power of the present moment.
~Joy Sikorski

What People Are Saying...
DaisyLaw ProfessorDaisy
Law Professor

BE’s exercises, give me the “muscles”

I’m now developing the muscles I’d been looking to have all my life. These are the muscles I needed to redirect my subconscious mind so that I can accomplish the goals I consciously strive to achieve and ultimately become what I know is my potential as an individual.

Joy Sikorski, M.A. Author, Composer, Voice LiberatorJoy Sikorski,
M.A. Author, Composer, Voice Liberator

BE invites you to a calmer, healthier, wiser life.

Because of you, Christianne, and the passion you have for the important work you do, I have gained new insights about how to stay well. Your five week course has enabled me to refocus my mind, body and spirit and continue to stay cancer-free!

Lee AnnLee Ann

5 minutes of gentle mindfulness can calm a swirling mind, help you get grounded and centered in your heart, and totally shift your perspective.

Just 5 minutes in the morning can change your whole day. 5 minutes before bedtime can be used to process and honor the gifts received that day. It is a beneficial habit that I will continue long after the program is completed. I also appreciate the love and care offered by Christianne, and the sharing and support that naturally happens in this dynamic circle.

Jenny DeanMother of threeJenny Dean
Mother of three
I have been given the gift of harmony!!BE energizes me in the morning and relaxes me before I go to bed. I am grateful to be reaching a calmness within my inner self. BE has helped me focus on conscious breathing, aspirations, and my true treasures in life!
GuillermoEconomics ProfessorGuillermo
Economics Professor

BE is lots of fun…

A way to pursue the appreciation for the beauty of life, while enjoying more moments of equilibrium and how to reach them. Good to have time to fulfill a target. This ride is a no end learning-ship.

Jodi, writerJodi, writer

BE is a great journey to take it to the right brain!

Christianne makes you think that you are the only person in her path.  Yet, you are pleased to find her large beam of love includes so many.  To have the privilege to know someone so devoted to ME and YOU is divine.

 Julia Buchanan, Marketing Professional Julia Buchanan,
Marketing Professional

Making space for the beauty around me!

BE’s 5 weeks of coaching have helped me appreciate the importance of mindful breathing, as a tool to reconnect with myself!

Nina AllingNina Alling

This simple habit, now instated in me, allows for me to stop and be in the moment, a moment I truly don't want to waste for I won't be able to retrieve it.

I’m talking about Gentle guidance that never overwhelms and leads to a deeper connection to your own self. I was deep into an easy and extremely gratifying routine before I even realized it. The like minded people that I’ve connected with are great inspirations and their words of wisdom come always at the best time. I feel honored!

Denis ContantDenis Contant

BE’s practices have now become a natural part of every day life.

The benefits are enjoyed as greater gratitude, peace and contentment.

In my recent interview I was asked who most inspires me.  My answer was YOU.  The way your BEing inspired me in my very first yoga class during such a rough time and how you have been such a great mentor and now friend, too!  My other person is Tony Robbins!  Ha ha!  One totally grounding (You) and one totally off the charts high energy (him)

BE is an invitation to begin and end your day with five minute practices, that inspire you to nourish the seeds of mindful and wholesome living in your heart.

Like mini stop signs, each pointing the way to greater clarity, inner peace and abundance in life.

Terry CozadTerry Cozad
The tools I have learned in Christianne’s course will forever be a part of my meditation practice.  This work is for anyone who wants to begin or continue a journey of self discovery.It’s fun to wake up every morning with a new message to help guide my day and the evening is a time to reflect on the day’s events.  I especially enjoy the opportunity to be part of a group of like minded, beautiful souls, all striving to make this world a better place.
Stephanie Conti, ActressStephanie Conti,

BE knocks on the doors that are requesting to be opened and explored.

Rewarding...Awakening your Inner Spirit ...Enhance your horizons & treat your deserved-self to the Gifts of Genuine Talented Giver-Sharer Christianne's Generous Online-Easy Play.


One thought on “

  1. cozadteresa9@gmail.com'Terry

    5 things to spring into

    1. After my 5 breaths I continue to use my hands as a reminder of my treasures and aspirations. I still find that little ritual to be very helpful for me
    2. The sacred pause is what keeps me grounded throughout the day.
    3. This year I have embarked on a study of the Yoga Sutras and spring has brought the focus to meditation. As Krishnamurti says “meditation is the movement of love, it’s when the heart enters the mind”. Merging the heart and the mind is my playground right now.
    4. My body is also calling for love and it’s all about balance as I enjoy my first real pachakarma cleansing this spring
    5. Nature calls in the spring, flowers, birds, food and much more. Get out and enjoy!


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