Monthly Archives: December 2018


The New Year, a brand new one, is about to start!

Depending on which side of the equator you are currently in, the climate is telling you to bundle up or to put that bikini on.

As you may already know, how to get warm and cozy is quite valuable when it’s bitter cold outside; and to know how to cool off when the world feels like a hot sauna is also a gift!

From how to dress, to how to eat, sleep, exercise; nature is constantly pointing us in the direction that will bring us to living our lives in greater ease.

Yet, before we can hear her wise advice, we’ve got to de-clutter the noise.

So, if you sometimes catch yourself ….
….rushing about every moment of the day due to this or that story in your head
.… entertaining one or more of your many worries without providing them with any clear solutions
…. pacifying yourself with distractions to forget the nervous agitation that lies just under the surface (although only temporarily)
If this is you, its time to “de-clutter”!

Giving into learning how to Relax a little more! Doing this on a regular basis, an enjoyable process.  No doubt!
How will your 2020 look starting today? this week? this January? ea month this year?

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