Christianne Asper-Contant
Christianne Asper-Contant, CAS, RYT 500 received her credentials as Clinical Ayurveda Specialist in 2003 from the California College of Ayurveda.  Christianne’s Yoga certifications include: Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy at the Sivanada Yoga Vedanta Centre,  Relax and Renew ® with Judith Hanson Lasater PHD, and Advanced Teacher Training under the direction of François Raoult.  Currently she is the director of Assisi Yoga, a program she established at The Assisi Institute and teaches Ayurveda for Open Sky Yoga Therapy Teacher Training program.

What People Are Saying...
Watching you teach I feel I am learning the true meaning of a sattvic teacher. Many people can teach info, but the gift of inspiration with the Info makes it all so much more digestible! Much gratitude to know you, Tara
Trekking the trail with you at the helm was an adventure in how to harness even the smallest of our resources to wake up to the vitality of life that is already available to us. All the material of the course was introduced with an enthusiasm that was contagious. It ...
Lynn, engineer
Lynn, engineer
Love the course! It is so apparent the work you put into putting it together, so much info. Most importantly, it is so evident that the whole course is enveloped in love; and that bathing in love has been such sweetness. Lynn
Milissa, actress
Milissa, actress
Looking at my body and mind a little differently and seeking balance has been really exciting. I can't wait to learn more!.
I have been following your teaching on Ayurvedic lifestyle since meeting you on a trip to India almost 10 years ago and have found that those teachings have been helpful for not only my own personal growth but are also useful in my practice for patient care.” Margaret Churcher MD, ...

  • Mon
    11AM - 6PM Elements Yoga & Wellness Studio 806 Logan Rd Warren, PA, United States

    Infuse greater well-BEing into your life, via the understanding and application of these FIVE simple and revolutionary, perspectives:
    ✨ Common Sense
    Residing at the center of Ayurvedic treatment is the principle which states that “Opposites Balance” and “Like increases Like”.
    Providing a foundation for managing your health with greater ease is Optimal “Agni” ( the heat that transforms ).
    To invigorate the body system, we must identify and melt away “Ama” ( undigested stuff ).
When your ‘Body-Type’ (aka Constitution) is cared for; authenticity and vibrancy can radiate.
    When is balanced, gravitating towards lifestyle choices in alignment with your most harmonious state of being becomes natural.
    You’ll walk away from this workshop with …
    Rejuvenating and Detoxifying Daily Routines to support longevity.
    Easy to follow “Care Pack” instructions created by and for you!
    ⭐️A single practical tool certain to integrate all material above.
    What to bring along?
    💫 a Journal (no lines). 💫 a Compass💫 Colored Pencils
    💫 your sense of Curiosity and Wonder (free from expectations)
    💫 your Adventurous Spirit along with the interest to play in a laboratory with the interest of a scientist.

    6 CEU’s Yoga Alliance Included and absolutely no prior knowledge of Ayurveda required!

    $125 - Includes Ayurvedic Lunch.