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Call for Change

Even a single breath says yes to the call for change Breathing out❄️

Giving thanks,
to the dancer in each of us! ❤️

Autumn leaves were dancing with the wind…. whispering, “fair well” as they gracefully floated to the ground.
By sunrise, the ones still standing wore their fresh snow flakes suits to announce the big change of Season.
Nature seems to have no doubt that what will be waiting on the other side of this bitter cold transition is a brighter, softer and warmer Spring.

In that instant I too seemed to know beyond doubt that
us human beings have all we need to move through our unique transitions with both grace and confidence.

Returning now to more ordinary moments when remembering that we too are a part of nature is over-shadowed by forgetfulness.
We all know, beyond doubt,
that change is the one constant we can count on!
Yes, we have all done this exploration called life long enough to know that it ensures only one constant and that is change❄️

So today, I give thanks for each of the clumsy ways that ~you ~ i ~ we ~ manage to say yes  to the call for change!

Simply awesome dancers we all are! ❤️