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Although we’re one month into Spring, there is an Ice Storm outside. My sweetheart just went to sleep and I am also so ready to join him! This day started at 4 am for us and what a FULL day it’s been! Yet first I needed to take this moment”s” (I’m a very slow in the type writer) to share my Spring Musings w/ you.

Life here in “Ice – land” (I mean, Rochester N.Y.) has been especially rich since the first day of Spring…..

…. on March 20th I had to rush my super healthy beloved to the emergency room, as he felt his insides exploding.

He mustered the energy to share this description from a shaking body and completely grey complexion.

Surgery followed which included the removal of a part of his gut. It had twisted on itself for no apparent reason!

To put my experience in the trauma unit of a hospital in perspective, here is something you should know first: 
With the exception of a hand full of visits altogether, I had not spent any time staying in a hospital prior to this event.

Hospital nurses, and staff were in our room every half hour through each night attempting to manage the guy we shared rooms with. After a few days however they decided to tie him down to his bed. This was not of much help to us, as he only got louder as a result.

My sense of serenity was scarce those days and nights …

…. and just as my sweetheart lost so much weight that the nurses considered him to be malnourished and I lost so much of hair that I had to keep it on a braid to minimize the imprints it was leaving in the room; he finally farted!

In turn we rejoiced, as this was not only the doctor’s cue to remove an awful tube from his nose, one which prevented all the bile from passing through (and was oh so uncomfortable), but it was also our cue that things would now be moving in the direction of returning to our sacred nesting place (our home).

One week in, he’d gone poop and kept food down for the day. This meant we were out of that crazy prison!

Yet, time in our sanctuary was short lived!

Roommate aside, there was no sleep at home either.

My handsome husband turned into the exorcist as the gate was closed and nothing, absolutely nothing which had accumulated since arriving home, could pass through- This meant approximately 5 liters of vomit coming out all at once!!!

So we rushed back to the hospital. During this time our brother in law, Billy, another super healthy guy went into the hospital for his heart!!!
I remember returning home that afternoon to take Yoda to stay with a loving family and pick up some things for the next hospital round. The discouragement I felt packing that luggage once again, was REAL. This was the same luggage I had unpacked joyously only hours prior!!!

It was in that REAL moment that a deeper voice, one tone deeper than the voice narrating stories of self pity and fear on the surface, told me that he’d come out the other end purified and more full of life than ever before. All I needed to do was to remain present and with my heart open.

We were back in the same trauma unit, and in a way happy to see all the nurses, doctors and staff at Strong (name of the hospital). Those super heroes were simply inspiring!

Our roommate this time was as popular as your favorite movie star and people walked through our little space to see him in large groups late into the night ( although policy was three people at a time until 8 pm ). Like the previous roommate, they were uncontainable in their loudness. Yet, their noise was so loving that it sounded like music to our ears.

A handful of days later, we were home.  Not only able to sleep through the night but with the disposition to get some fresh air as well.

Yet, by the next day, Easter, we were back to the hospital a third time. Deni’s mom, Jacqueline, broke her hip!

Fast forward two weeks now, Deni was up so early with me today because we hosted the Open House of Assisi Yoga. Where he co-taught with me to a beautiful room filled to capacity and more than 75 people came to support the new adventure!

at the end of Open House yesterday with Gweni who got to attend a Youth Yoga, Meditation and Art class as well.:-)

To end this story on an even “sweeter note”, brother Billy’s heart is good and Mom Jacqueline is in rehab recovering well.

Love …
Love …
Love …
This was the answer that got me through to the other end of those two “hair losing” weeks. I expressed it in the form of gratitude. Specifically each morning and night, I left an imprint of what I’d be grateful for in the coming day and each night an imprint of what in fact had brought me joy in that day. And yes, there has been something to write about each night through it all.:-)

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